Roadside explores the back road and Main Streets of America. Our recipe for an American renaissance: Eat in diners, ride trains, shop on Main Street, put a porch on your house, live in a walkable community.

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Apple Farm Bakery Diner
Apple Farm Bakery Diner
Name: Apple Farm Bakery Diner

Formerly the 5 & Diner. Photos by Emily Prigot

State: AZ
Central Diner
Central Diner
Name: Central Diner

Formerly located in Millbury, MA. Moved to Salisbury, MA in July 2014. In storage at Aran Trading. 

Closed, December 2013. 

Second diner on this location, replaced a slightly smaller 1911 Worcester car.

State: MA
Center City Diner
Center City Diner
Name: Center City Diner

Reopened as of 2010.

State: PA
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