Roadside explores the back road and Main Streets of America. Our recipe for an American renaissance: Eat in diners, ride trains, shop on Main Street, put a porch on your house, live in a walkable community.

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Lynbrook Diner
Lynbrook Diner
Name: Lynbrook Diner

Reopened after fire, April 2014

State: NY
Raceway Diner
Raceway Diner
Name: Raceway Diner

American fare with Greek specialties.

State: NY
Pumpjack's Diner (2)
Pumpjack's Diner (2)
Name: Pumpjack's Diner (2)

Part of an ill-fated double diner project. Former Brandywine Diner from Wilmington, Delaware. 

State: TX
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  • An open letter to Phil and Celeste Paleologos

    By Randy Garbin / 2014-03-30 20:17:14
    Dear Phil and Celeste: I read the sad news of your impending retirement from the diner business, and I'm sorry to see the end of an illustrious era. As one of the earliest and most ardent supporters of Roadside, I will always be grateful to you and Celeste and proud
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  • Rosebud Diner Gutted

    By Randy Garbin / 2014-02-17 14:45:34
    That disturbance in The Force we all felt last week had nothing to do with the recent weather. It came from the impact of sledgehammers upon the interior of the Rosebud Diner in Somerville, Massachusetts.  Reader Beck Prigot sent us photos she took peeking through the windows of the exceedingly
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  • Lights out at our Facebook page

    By Randy Garbin / 2014-02-15 17:24:42
    Facebook's latest change to its news feeds have rendered any effort to spread our message there rather pointless. According to this Business Insider article, Facebook made a major change to its feeds that all-but-require that we pay to promote our posts or else fewer than 5% of our "likes" will
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  • Ten Oldest Diners?

    By Randy Garbin / 2014-02-04 18:29:18
    Journalist Nancy Ayala recently asked me for my list of the ten oldest operating diners. Over the years, I've received many requests like this, and usually if it has anything to do with exact dates, I hedge as much as I can. Many times the actual records of a diner's
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  • Another Jersey diner gets date for demo

    By Randy Garbin / 2013-12-20 13:53:59
    When was the last time we saw a vintage diner restored and reopened in New Jersey? After thinking about this for a few minutes, the best answer I have is the Bay Way Diner in Linden in 2006, a tiny, 8-stool affair that gave "Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives" its start.
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  • The Kickstarted Diner

    By Randy Garbin / 2013-11-26 14:26:20
    A curious development has unfolded in Portsmouth, New Hampshire in the past week. The owners of the proposed Roger's Red Liner Diner led by Roger Elkus has initiated a Kickstarter campaign for their diner, currently under construction and restoration. Mr. Elkus also owns a small regional chain of coffee shop/deli, "fast casual"
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You Can Call It Al

Al's Diner in Shannock, Rhode Island

In a rare bit of diner move news with a happy ending, we learned this past month that the former Foster Street Diner, Worcester diner number 598, located in Peabody, Massachusetts has shipped to Shannock, Rhode Island. Its new owner Sandy Neuschatz plans a full restoration and has hired Richard Gutman as the project's consultant. Richard also serves as the director the Johnson & Wales Culinary Museum which is currently working to restore its own diner, the former Everready Diner.

The photo at right shows the diner now stripped of its long-time shingled covering displaying its former name. The 1928-vintage structure was moved by O.B. Hill Riggers of Natick, Massachusetts. Newspaper stories originally reported the involvement of the Imaginary Diner Museum, but Roadside has since learned that after some research, Mr. Neuschatz opted instead to hire someone with some actual credentials in diner restoration, and who runs an actual museum. Mr. Neuschatz also dodged another bullet by wisely rejecting Daniel Zilka's offer to "hold" a newly discovered frosted window original to the diner. Mr. Neuschatz plans to operate the diner in Shannock. No word yet on a timetable for his plans.

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