Roadside explores the back road and Main Streets of America. Our recipe for an American renaissance: Eat in diners, ride trains, shop on Main Street, put a porch on your house, live in a walkable community.

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Apple Farm Bakery Diner
Apple Farm Bakery Diner
Name: Apple Farm Bakery Diner

Formerly the 5 & Diner. Photos by Emily Prigot

State: AZ
Central Diner
Central Diner
Name: Central Diner

Formerly located in Millbury, MA. Moved to Salisbury, MA in July 2014. In storage at Aran Trading. 

Closed, December 2013. 

Second diner on this location, replaced a slightly smaller 1911 Worcester car.

State: MA
Center City Diner
Center City Diner
Name: Center City Diner

Reopened as of 2010.

State: PA
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Penny's Diner, Low Moor VA

pennys_dinerI finally found something to post for the diner fans on this site. Diners of the classic type are relatively rare in the South, at least when compared to the Northeast. This one is called Penny's Diner and may be found in Low Moor, Virginia, between Covington and Clifton Forge. A correspondent told me that it's a Starlite diner, built in Florida and trucked to the site.

At some replica or retro diners, particularly in urban areas, the prices are out of sight and the menu contains a lot of exotic, non-diner selections. Penny's is not like that. I had a good lunch there.

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