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Granite State gets another diner

The state of New Hampshire has proven one of the few bright spots for those who care about diner preservation. Though I haven't looked it up to verify, I do believe that in the past twenty years, the Granite State has had a net gain in the numbers of diners. This latest news adds one more to the listing. The Hometown Diner comes by way of Ohio after Matthias Kaplanow's failure to run a diner from his office in Germany. 

Ohio diner trucked to Rindge; resident hopes to open it in fall

By Meghan Foley Sentinel Staff

RINDGE — A local businessman saw a hole in his town, so he went to Ohio to fill it.

Transplanted from Ottawa, Ohio, the Hometown Diner now sits at the intersection of Routes 119 and 202 in Rindge after its journey last week.

Rindge businessman Timothy Halliday spent the past 2½ years searching for the 1947 Silk City dining car. Rindge, he thought, could use a diner.


Skee's Diner prospects improve

A most positive development in the Skee's Diner saga. It looks like Joann Ryan has agreed to let the diner go to the local historical society, which we have to think has a better idea of what to do with this treasure. (And yes, we had some involvement in this process.) 

Restoration of Torrington's Historic Skee's Diner Is Back on Track

By Tom Caprood

Skee's in the 1940sTORRINGTON--A long-awaited restoration of Torrington's Skee's Diner could be back on track with the announcement that the Torrington Historic Preservation Trust will take ownership of the historic property.

In a news release Thursday night, Edward Cook, president of the preservation trust, announced that the Northwest Connecticut Chamber of Commerce had agreed to transfer ownership of the diner to the not-for-profit corporation. The diner was donated to the Trust at no cost, according to chamber president and CEO JoAnn Ryan.

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Jigger's Review: "Best breakfast in a long time!"

Review: Jigger's Hill & Harbour Diner — Delightful fare in a classic setting


Jiggers DinerIt's been a long time since we've been to Jigger's, and in the meantime, it sat empty for almost a year, with new owners Steve and Karie Head cleaning and renovating this jewel of an official Worcester Dining Car. They opened in mid-September. The diner has been at its Main Street location since 1950, and when it was redecorated in the early '90s, the floor tiles were matched to the original green ones under the countertop, the six-and-a-half booths (one has seats only on one side) were refurbished, and the large red clock from the original Worcester car was re-hung.

That nostalgic diner theme is carried through with a line of more than a dozen stools running the length of the diner, with four more tucked into a corner near the front window. Blackboard specials augment the regular menu, and those caught both of us with a "loaded baked potato" omelet ($8.50) and a smoked salmon/cream cheese/avocado Benedict ($10.50).

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Review unlocks Key City greatness

Breakfast Showdown Week 9: Key City Diner doesn't mess with a good thing

By Kelly Huth

Key City DinerKey City Diner isn't messing with a good thing. The restaurant has been positioned on a busy stretch of Route 22 since 1955. Though it's seen its share of owners, not much has changed on the inside.

The original floors and ceiling are intact and stepping into the quintessential diner feels like you've landed on an episode of "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives."


Back to the future? Dunkin Donuts restores the counter

I'm old enough to remember when the Dunkin' Donuts chain still had a counter with real dishes and silverware. It did not, however, have anything to eat except doughnuts. 

Dunkin Donuts Diner in Lake Park: One-of-a-Kind Outpost Has Real Silverware, Fresh Eggs, Ceramic Plates

By Nicole Danna

dunkin at the counterNow here is something you don't see every day: a fresh egg being cracked and cooked at Dunkin' Donuts. But you could see it every day if you happen to live near the Dunkin' Donuts restaurant just south of Palm Beach Gardens in Lake Park.

This Dunkin' Donuts location isn't like any you've ever seen -- or will see -- in the country. Originally opened in October of 1962, this diner-like location is truly a one-of-a-kind, a restaurant-style, full-service Dunkin' Donuts featuring 11 banquet booths and a six-seat retro diner counter where you can order from a hand-held, laminated diner menu.