Arner's Family Restaurant

201 N Dupont Hwy, New Castle, DE

Former Peter Pan Diner. The first diner built by Phil DeRaffele after taking over the company from his father.

Heavily renovated, retaining only its original proportions, but still features good diner-type food. Popular place.

diner builderDeRaffele
Bridgeville Diner


Moved from location, March, 2014. On the move as this is written. 

Large, poorly maintained diner. Classic iconic diner styling. Closed in 2007.

diner builderO'Mahony
Cheeburger Cheeburger

137 E Main St, Newark, DE

Formerly the Newark Diner and then Jude's Diner.

Remodeled by Cheeburger franchisee with boundless stupidity who didn't think an authentic 1950s O'Mahony Diner was quite 50's enough for his liking. Good cheeseburgers, though.

diner builderO'Mahony
Ches Del Diner

2120 Dupont Pkwy, Middletown, DE

Double diner combining a Mountain View and O'Mahony. 

Great homemade corned beef hash. Full-service menu. 

The restaurant is constructed from two diners; the Country Girl Diner from Wilmingtion, Delaware, which was sold in ord ...

diner builderMountain View
Ches Del Diner (annex)

2120 Dupont Pkwy, Middletown, DE

Annex serves as full dining room and for functions. 

diner builderO'Mahony
Hollywood Diner

123 N Dupont Hwy, Dover, DE

Hollywood Diner wins a Lou-Roc for its renovations. Read the article here

Once part of a c ...

diner builderFodero
Milford Diner

1042 N. Walnut St, Milford, DE, USA, 19963

Three-sectioned diner. Significantly remodeled again in 2013. Last vestige of the origina counter was removed and the floor was covered with 8-inch tile. Cleaner but less original. 

Specializes in seafood dinners. One of a chain of 8 ...

diner builderFodero
Seaford Eagle Diner

23412 Sussex Hwy, Seaford, DE, 19973

Originally one of the several Serro's Diners and located outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Moved to Delaware in the 1993, opened a year later.

diner builderMountain View

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