2634 Genesee St, , , 13502-6022

Former Hartford Queen Diner Please share your experiences. Though we drove past this place numerous times in our travels, it took a blog post from Spencer Stewart to finally bring it to our attention.

Type of Attraction
diner builderSwingle
Ravena Diner

11 Madison Ave./Rt. 9W, ,


3106 Solomon Island Rd, ,

diner builderunknown
Reading Family Restaurant

Rte 61 & George St, ,

Type of Attraction
diner builderSilk City

452 Route 22 West, ,

Formerly known as VC Diner.

Category:New Jersey
Real Estate Store

1810 W. Hwy. 76, ,

Former Hilltop Diner. Former Dick Clark's American Bandstand Diner. Former 57 Heaven Diner. Former Rowdy Beaver.  Formerly located in Wrightstown, New Jersey. Purchased and moved by Steve Harwin in 1992. Restored by Diversified Diners and shipped to ...

Type of Attraction
diner builderSilk City
Red Arrow Diner

61 Lowell St, ,

Featured in Roadside #34. Tiny place in the heart of downtown Manchester. Great homemade desserts. Large portions. One of the better deals found anywhere. Owner very market savvy and does a great job drawing families. Fun, happy place. Open 24/7.

Category:New Hampshire
Type of Attraction
diner builderOn-Site

202 County Road 48, ,

Formerly Gus's Diner.

diner builderParamount
Red Fox Diner

138 N. Central Ave., ,

DeRaffele renovation

Category:New York Metro
diner builderO'Mahony

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