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City: Alpena

Rail Diner

In storage, ,

Originally located in Rochester, New York. Moved to Alpena in 1994 and put in storage.  Currently for sale. 

Type of Attraction
diner builderSterling
Nick & Ivy's Country Diner

3023 US 23, , , 49707

Formerly located in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. Moved to Alpena by Al Sloan in late 1990s and first opened on this location in 1999. Closed in 2001. Unique O'Mahony drive-in model, designed for car-hop service.

Type of Attraction
diner builderO'Mahony


Originally located in Berlin, Massachusetts. Bought by Al Sloan in late 1990s.

diner builderWorcester
conditionclosed, under restoration

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